Below is a list of questions. If you have a question that is not listed here, please email:

I registered my email address for a login, but I never got the confirmation email.

Most likely, the confirmation email ended up in the "junk email box" by mistake. If the confirmation email is NOT in the "junk email box", then please email from the email account you are registering so we can manually confirm the email address. After that, you will be able to login to the site.

Is full payment due at initial enrollment?

Are payments in installments available?
Yes, they are. If you would like to do a payment plan, please e-mail

What material do I need to take this class?

All the material that you will need will be shipped to the mailing address that your provided before your class starts. It includes a Companion Workbook, Wordbank (except for Torah 101-V1), Student Manuel, Bonus CD, and more.

Can I skip a class?

No. Just like in a college, a student cannot skip Calculus 101 to go into Calculus 201. Unless it is a big exception, a student cannot skip Ancient Foundations to go into Torah 101. Each class builds upon each other, therefore they must be taken in order.

Why did I not receive a Wordbank for 101-V1?

The ICTS 101 videos and quizzes have been remade so that a wordbank is no longer necessary! If you have any questions about the quizzes, please email us at and we would be more than happy to help!

Why do I need a Wordbank?

The ICTS Wordbank is the MOST IMPORTANT tool for you to utilize when you take your test. The ICTS Word Bank Booklet is an INTEGRAL part of the ICTS Online Student Kit. It is designed to help you take your online tests more efficiently. The Online ICTS tests are programmed with specific answers requiring exact matches in spelling and formatting.

For example, if the ICTS Online test is programmed to receive the answer "Jeremiah 31:31-33” and you type in "Jeremiah 31” or "Jeremiah 31:31”, it will mark your answer incorrect. To eliminate errors and frustration, the ICTS Word Bank Booklet contains a list of possible answers with the proper spelling and formatting. Please note that the quiz is character sensitive.

How do I check my grades?
COMING SOON: a visual tutorial video on how to check grades!

Check you grades by following these steps:

  • Go to and login
  • Go to your course under "My Courses" and bring up your weekly outline.
  • On the left hand side, under administration, click on "Grades." It will bring you to a screen called User Report.
  • Scroll down to the quiz that you want to look at. Click on the hyperlink of the quiz that you want to review.
  • You will see how many attempts you have completed. View your grade by clicking on the number that you got correct on whichever attempt you would like to view.

You may check your grades AFTER the quiz closes.

Partial = yellow

Incorrect = Red

Correct = Green

What are the run times of the videos?
Volume One videos all run approximately 60 minutes. Volume Two videos vary from 60 minutes to 100 minutes.

Why is Torah 101-V1 a different price than the rest?

Torah 101-V1 includes an additional large hard-back book about 12" x 12." This Torah 101-V1 companion book is like a trophy like your certificates to be displayed for years to come saying "I took ICTS." This award-winning blue book filled with award-winning art can be placed on your coffee table as a witnessing tool to your friends and family who ask about Torah.

How much time to I have to take a quiz?

You have 20 minutes to take your 20 question quiz, giving you a minute per question.

How much time do I have to take the final?

60 minutes

Do I get a second attempt on my quizzes?

Yes, you do get a second attempt!

I missed my quiz, what do I do?

Like any college, once a quiz is closed, it is closed. Please be sure to pace yourself accordingly so that you don't miss a quiz. If it is an extremely important situation, please e-mail

Why are the prices for the Online Classes different than if I take it in class?

The online classes are run internally, meaning only a few people are managing the entire online school.

In what order do I take the classes?

How it works is that you do all the Volume 1's first and then go back and do all the Volume 2's. Meaning that you do them in the following order:

◊ TAF Volume One   

◊ T101 Volume One 

◊ T201 Volume One 

◊ T301 Volume One 

◊ T401 Volume One 

◊ TAF Volume Two   

◊ T101 Volume Two 

◊ T201 Volume Two 

◊ T301 Volume Two  

◊ T401 Volume Two  

◊ Genesis Factor Yr 1

◊ Genesis Factor Yr 2

◊ Genesis Factor Yr 3

◊ Genesis Factor Yr 4

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